our mission

solid ground church exists to connect people to Jesus Christ

our values

Knowing God

We seek for those who are part of our church to experience a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ in their daily lives.

Being Rooted in the Word

Our church teaches out of the Bible. We believe it to be the fully inspired word of God and the final authority for all matters of life and practice. This means that we seek what is contained within the Scriptures, and not our surrounding culture, for how we live and experience God.

Being Empowered by the Spirit

We believe that the Spirit of God is on the earth right now. We choose to seek Him and walk in dependence on Him for empowerment in life and ministry.

Reaching the Lost

We fervently believe that lost people matter to God. Consequently, we are an outward-focused church.

Community Life

We believe that we can't do life alone. The best way to experience what God has for us is in community together.