Part Two: Expectations


1. Do you tend to lean more to the study aspect of group or the relational one? Which area will be more of a challenge for you to engage in?

2. Who was your best friend growing up? How did your friendship form?

3. Are there any types of subjects in regards to faith that interest you more than others?

4. When you decide to put yourself out there in any social setting, you run the risk of rejection. Does this frighten you? If so, why should you stick with group anyway?

5. Why might it be important for us to adjust our expectations for group and just give it a chance as it is?

Preparing to read:

Tonight we’re going to read from the book of Acts. Acts is an account of the beginning of the Christian church. It’s author, Luke (who also wrote the Gospel of Luke) was a traveling companion of the Apostle Paul and had the opportunity to interview actual eyewitnesses to the events. Given than it ends with Paul on house arrest in Rome before his death around 68AD, it’s probably fair to assume that the book was written some time before then.

The excerpt we are going to read comes at the end of the Apostle Peter’s first sermon and faith invitation.

Read: Acts 2:36-47

In verses 42-47 we have a remarkable snapshot into the first church ever. Luke records that the early believers’ spirituality was always coupled with community. They were devoted to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and prayer.

6. Why might spiritual growth be linked to fellowship with other believers? What could God’s plan in that be?

7. While connecting in group, what could be some spiritual benefits for you personally?

8. How could the group benefit from having you here?

9. In the past, have you ever benefited spiritually from being connected relationally? If so, how?

10. How could doing life alone hurt our spiritual growth?

Bottom line:

Group is for everybody, but it’s not for everybody’s expectations. A way for us to enrich our time together is just give things a chance. When we decide to ditch our agendas for what group should be and come simply asking, “God, what do you have for me tonight?” we set ourselves up greater success.