Part One: Jump In


1. Go around the circle and introduce yourselves. What made you decide to sign up for Community Group? What is it that you're hoping to get out of this?

2. Have you ever been part of a small group before? If so, what did you enjoy about it? Is there anything that you hope we don't repeat here?

Preparing to read:

Tonight we’re going to read from the book of Hebrews. While there is some debate about its authorship, most scholars believe that this ancient letter (also known as an “epistle”) was written some time before 70 AD. Its main ideas are that Jesus is superior to any other spiritual figure, Jesus’ sacrifice was superior to any earthly animal sacrifice or religious ritual, and that we should stick with our faith no matter what. Under the thought of persisting in the faith, the author wrote the section we are going to read tonight.

Read: Hebrews 10:23-25


3. The author of Hebrews calls the Christian faith, “the hope that we profess.” What can be some things about the Christian faith that create hope?

4. What do you believe about Jesus?

5. What do you enjoy about Jesus?

6. The author of Hebrews transitions from holding onto belief in Christ to immediately talking about meeting together. Why could that be important?

7. Why might we have a problem with linking spiritual growth to consistently joining up in community?

8. What could you gain from showing up at group every week?

9. Can you think of a time that you didn’t show up for something and later regretted it?

10. What could you gain from joining in the conversation at group?

Bottom line:

The two things we want to ask of you in group are to show up and join in. That may be challenging, but in order for you to be successful, you’ll need to do both.