Small Group Questions:

1. What is one thing that you hope to get done during this time of being locked down?

Read Luke 19:28-40

2. Why do you think Jesus rode into the city on a donkey? What does this tell us about His nature and character?

3. What do you think about Jesus’ statement that if the people stopped praising Him the rocks would cry out?

4. What do you think about the idea that we are made to worship God? How do you personally choose to express that?

Prayer Time

Tonight we are continuing in prayer with believers all over the world through the UNITE714 movement. 

Read 2 Corinthians 10:4 and Ephesians 6:10-13

Lord, we come to you in prayer today, believing the promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14: that if we humble ourselves, pray, and turn from our wicked ways, You will hear our prayer and heal our lands. Our community, nation, and world are in desperate need of Your help, comfort, and healing power. Lord, we ask You to forgive us for turning our hearts away from You. Hear  our cry today as we join with the Body of Christ around the world to stand together against the COVID-19 crisis.

Lord, strengthen our minds and emotions with the truth that You are greater than COVID-19. Your righteousness protects our hearts from despair. Your Word enables us to walk through this crisis in peace.


Although this is a physical disease, as believers, we know the enemy wants to take advantage of this moment. Together, we stand in faith against the powers of darkness in this “evil day.” We put on the “whole armor of God” and stand firm on the promises of Your Word!


With Your armor, we stand protected from the fiery darts of panic and fear. We take up the shield of faith on behalf of our families, our churches, our cities, our nation, and the nations of the world. The hope of salvation is our battle helmet. 

We declare the promise in Your Word, that no weapon formed against us will prosper. Therefore, we pray in faith that COVID-19 will be eradicated, panic will stop, and God’s power will fill the earth. 

We humbly ask all these things in the powerful name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen! 

Now let’s move into a time of personal praise reports and prayer requests.