First STeps: Parts 6 - 10

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We are so excited to be continuing the journey with you! Let's continue.

Next Step 6

Take a couple of minutes to talk to God in prayer. 

Start to think through how you are wired and when and where during the day may be best to spend time with God. Is it the morning? Your lunch break? The evening before you go to bed?

Think through these things and begin to develop a routine of spending some time each day talking to God. Don't worry so much about how much time you do it, the main thing right now is consistency.

Next Step 7

It's important to realize that repentance is for our benefit, not God's.

The goal is not to make God accept or love us. He's already done that through Jesus.

Repentance is about turning from things that hurt us or others. 

Things that we may not even be aware of, and yet God knows the damage they do and cares enough about us to say something to us.

Think of it this way- Have you ever been in a park or a mall and seen a parent telling a child to get down from climbing on something that they shouldn't be climbing on. Maybe it was something that could fall over on the kid, or could break easily. Normally the child is not aware of the danger they are in, or the damage they they could do. And yet the reality of it remains. 

It's the same with repentance. When we repent, we choose to trust God, and we turn from something that may cause damage. Even if we don't see how.

Take a moment to quiet yourself and just ask God, "Lord, is there anything I'm doing that you want me to turn from?"

Next Step 8

How good does a relationship with someone have to be that Jesus Himself would say that it's better for us to have that than Him physically on the earth? And yet, that's exactly what Jesus says about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the person of the Trinity that is with us on the earth now. 

Take a moment to just stop and pray. Thank God for not leaving us alone. Thank Him for sending the Holy Spirit. And ask Him to show you what it means to have a friendship with the Holy Spirit. 

Next Step 9

God wants to speak to you. The best way to learn when God is speaking to you is to:

1. Start with the Bible. God will never contradict it.

2. Put yourself in a place to listen.

The way we best learn to discern the voice of the Lord is by spending time with Him. 

Read the Bible and ask God to begin to speak to you through it.

Next Step 10

Pray and ask God to pour out the Holy Spirit on you.

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