21 Days of Prayer | January 1-21

We want our focus during the next twenty one days to be on friendship with God and enjoying Him. Before you reflect on each item stop to do two things:

1. Ask God to stir your affections for Him. That this wouldn’t be a discipline exercise but that it would come out of a place of love.

2. Ask God to let you experience His affections for you today. In your time with Him, or day today that you would experience His love in a tangible way.

Day 1

Read Psalm 103:1 - Spend some time worshipping today. Put on some music and sing out to God.

Day 2

Read Psalm 103:2 - Begin with worship. Then ask God to remind you of the things He’s done in your life. As things spring to mind, thank Him.

Day 3

Read Psalm 103:3 - Reflect. All your sins are really forgiven in Christ. Ask the Lord to help you believe that. Also, if there is anything that you need healing for, ask Him to heal you.

Day 4

Read Psalm 103:4 - In Christ you’ve been saved from an eternity in hell, and for the rest of your life, God relates to you through His love and compassion towards you. Spend some time thanking Him for this.

Day 5

Read Psalm 103:5 - Ask the Lord to satisfy your desires with good things. Do you have any lingering needs or areas where you feel unfulfilled? Any areas that you’ve been trying to satisfy with bad things? Bring it all to Jesus today.

Day 6

Read Psalm 103:6 - Spend some time asking God to bring justice in the world for the oppressed.

Day 7

Read Psalm 103:7 - Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you and bring to your memory specific Bible stories that you may need to reflect on.

Day 8

Read Psalm 103:8 - Internalize this verse. Today, ask God to give you an experience of His love for you.

Day 9

Read Psalm 103:9 - Inquire of the Lord if there is anything you need to repent of. Ask the Holy Spirit to highlight in your heart things that you need to turn away from.

Day 10

Read Psalm 103:10 - Spend some time thanking God for His grace and this promise that He treats you with unearned kindness.

Day 11

Read Psalm 103:11 - Pray for God to let you lay hold of this truth in every area of your life.

Day 12

Read Psalm 103:12 - Every sin you’ve ever committed really is forgiven. Thank God for that today, and pray about it if you have a hard time believing it or experience any kind of shame.

Day 13

Read Psalm 103:13 - How do you relate to God as your Heavenly Father? Ask Him to let you know Him as a good father.

Day 14

Read Psalm 103:14 - Pray for God to use the temporary time you have on earth for His glory.

Day 15

Read Psalm 103:15-16 - Is there anything you’re trying to cling to in this life that you’ll ultimately lose when you die? Spend some time handing it over to God today.

Day 16

Read Psalm 103:17 - Pray for future generations to know the Lord.

Day 17

Read Psalm 103:18 - Ask the Holy Spirit to highlight any areas of your life where you need to remember Him, or trust Him today.

Day 18

Read Psalm 103:19 - We get to know the very King of creation. Spend some time thanking Him for the privilege of that.

Day 19

Read Psalm 103:20 - Spend some time worshipping today.

Day 20

Read Psalm 103:21 - Ask the Lord if there is anything you can do to serve Him today.

Day 21

Read Psalm 103:22 - The soul is often associated with our mind, will, and emotions. Spend some time asking the Lord to mold your heart so that You praise Him with all of these.