Current Series: Why Believe

There is evidence for what we believe and it's good for us to know about it.

Part Two: Arguments for Theism

The message in a nutshellIt's not only reasonable to believe in God but the odds of there being a creator are higher than not.

1. Was there anything in the talk from Sunday that you want to make sure we discuss tonight?

2. What do you think is the best evidence for the existence of God? (note: It does not have to be something given on Sunday)

3. If you’re a Christian, why do you personally believe in God?

4. What evidences given surprised you? Were there any that you found unconvincing or unclear?

Preparing to Read:

Our Bible reading this week comes from the book of Job. Many scholars believe it is the oldest book in the Bible. Job is very poetic in its language and tells the story of a good man who undergoes a tremendous amount of suffering. In the heights of his despair Job begins to cry out and question God’s goodness and understanding. It is here at the end of the book that God speaks and tells Job just how much He understands.

Read: Job 38

Since this is a lengthy passage, feel free to split up who reads what, and to also stop and reflect as you go.

5. What are some things that this passage tells us about God’s knowledge and power?

6. What tone do you instinctively read into God’s response to Job? Is it one of compassion, anger, sarcasm, etc? How does that line up with the character of God shown elsewhere in the Scriptures?

7. One of the things we discover in this passage is that God is present not just in the creation of the universe but also its current activities. He didn’t just start everything. He is maintaining everything. Is that idea comforting to you? Why or why not?

8. When we see how big God is, it’s easy for us to forget that He’s involved in the individual and small stuff as well. Has there ever been a time where you felt like you didn’t matter to God? What happened?

Read Romans 1:18-20

9. This passage teaches that enough is revealed about God within creation that people are without excuse for not following Him. Do you agree with that statement? Why or why not?

10. What could be some characteristics about God that we can learn by just looking at the world around us?